Been Busy!

This past weekend, I was visiting friends in State College, PA. We drove around a bit and I got a few pictures to share. Here’s the link to just a few of them.

We also went to see Hellboy II and it was a lot of fun. Although the first one had a bit of comedy, this one had a lot more. I’m looking forward to the DVD so I can take a closer look at some the great stuff that was going on in the background. I’d give it a big thumb’s up!

In writing news, the last round of edits are done for Guardian Dawn and it is on schedule for release on August 4th. Guardian Noon will be the next installment in the Common Ground series.

I’ve been asked for more details on Common Ground and realized it deserves more than a quick response. With that in mind, I’m writing a more detailed description and will be sharing it soon.

Currently Reading: “Turning Point” by Lisanne Norman

Actually, I’m rereading this. I first read it several years ago and recall enjoying the entire series. If you are interested in cat-people, first-contact stories and the possibilities of inter-species mating, then I would recommend it.

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