The Run-on Sentence

My good friend Deck, sent me this and was kind enough to give me permission to share it.

Oh, the “treasures” you find when cleaning out old files.

In the heyday of the newsgroup misc.writing several years ago, when it was still raucous and jolly good fun, Kurt Ullman asked innocently, “Who is the current run-on sentence champ?”

I was the bloke noted for my patented taciturn (‘seven-word’ was the myth) responses, so I gave Kurt my brief answer:

Well, I’m sure it wasn’t me, a fellow who rarely writes at length in newsgroups about anything, suggesting to some people that perhaps I don’t have sufficient resources to declaim in depth or don’t have the passion needed for serious discourse, although that is clearly not the case for there are many causes I’m passionate about and at least a few areas in which I have more than average information and background sufficient to let me go toe to toe with anyone who might be inclined to take a different position in newsgroup or RL discussion, a distinction which suggests that I think that there are major differences between RL and cyber discussions even though I think what differences there are have been overblown, often by writers trying to sell an article to editors who know about as much about the Internet, newsgroups and cyberspace in general as I do about football, baseball or that silly game they play in Canada, something about shoving a flattened bowling ball around the ice, or maybe a marble floor, or whatever with a broom, push broom or something like that, that I heard discussed on Due South, that delightful comedy much more clever that that silly Seinfield show or a dozen others that manage to stay on the air despite poor writing, poor acting and no discernible intelligent plot, assuming that comedies must have plots, which I’m convinced they do, the better ones anyhow, like Barney Miller, the best sitcom ever put on American television, filled with delightful characters engaging in intelligent and witty repartee’ like the kind we were talking about in a recent thread.

Not me.
Deck Deckert

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