Guardian Dawn is Out!

The big day is finally here. In this first installment of the Common Ground Series, the US Capitol is under attack from a handful of extremists. Dedicated to their cause and led by man whose cruelty knows no bounds, the enemy is poised to unleash hell on earth.

A lone shaman with military connections must gather a force of unconventional heroes to derail the attacks. Each warrior possesses skills in a new brand of warfare, and they just might succeed if their leader can convince them the key to victory rests not in the hands of their allies, but in their allies’ paws and claws…

I’m going to be celebrating today over at the Parannormal Romance Haunt. Stay tuned for further chats over the next few days.

2 thoughts on “Guardian Dawn is Out!

  1. It was good to meet you too, Caffey!
    I hope you enjoy the books and don’t forget some of the free tales here.

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