BalitCon Schedule!

I was just informed of my new schedule for BaltiCon. Unfortunately, I won’t be giving the Free and Open Source for the Creative Mind clinic this year. I am going to be part of some really interesting panels, however.

There will be a very few copies of my steampunk romance, Crazy Taylor available during my signing. That will be 4pm Friday, in the hallway signing tables.

Here’s the final schedule for Saturday:

10am     Post Colonial SF/F                                    Salon B        Moderator
11am      Immortality & Longevity in SF      Salon B
1pm       Reading for Pleasure                               Salong B    Moderator
2pm      Reading excerpts from my books  Belmont Room
4pm      History as a Source of Fantasy         Belmont Room    Moderator
6pm      Grand Openings                                         Parlor 1041
7pm     Great Forgotten SciFi Authors        Belmont Room

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