Pandora Driver Review

Raw dieselpunk noire excitement and flavor! That is what comes to mind when I think of what I’ve just read.
Pandora Driver is a wonderful view of a vanished age that might have been.

Without spoilers, let me say John Picha delivers a tale of Betsy, a young woman tested at every turn and apparently doomed.

Detailed, vivid action sequences are balanced with bitter sweet episodes of torment and degradation. Through it all, our realistically portrayed heroine never surrenders.

Little touches, such as mentioning Converse Jack Purcell sneakers and a boxing gym, show research into the 1930s. The cover art and a snappy graphic at each chapter heading add to the flavor of this interesting volume.

If you’re a dieselpunk fan, there are scenes in Pandora Driver that will make you want to cheer.

Thanks, John. I’m looking forward to a sequel.

You can pick up your own copy at Apple iBookstore, Amazon or Lulu Press.

One thought on “Pandora Driver Review

  1. It would help the promotion of this book if there was not a typo on the cover that is displayed on the Amazon page for PANDORA DRIVER. “…Class warfare in Citidel City” should be “Class warfare in CitAdel City.”

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