Review: Beginner Mind

ShortStoryThumbBeginner Mind is a collection of six short stories and some free-form poetry by a new author. It opens with a tale that leaves the reader with vivid imagery of a string of post-pubescent mistakes and just gets better.

The following story is called “Pistol Grip” and it blurs the line between murder and mistake.

I really enjoyed tale number three, “Evan’s Dilemma”, tale four, “Mending Fences”, and tale six, “The Unfiltered Spectra of the Deep”. Any one of them is well worth savouring and leaves the reader with some wonderful scenes.

And finally, I can’t help but think the poetry is like a fine desert offered after a satisfying meal.

Pick up a copy of this fine work. You’ll thank me.

Beginner Mind by Matthew Davies

Five stars

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