Time for Change

It’s been almost nine months since my last update.

“Time if fun when you’re having flies.” – Kermit

There have been a lot of changes after I retired from gubmin service, last year.

Number One: I’ve survived remodeling hell and am now comfortably ensconced in the old family homestead.

Number Two: I’ve cut all ties with my previous publisher and am in the process of rewriting and re-editing a series of novels and short stories.

Number Three: Later this summer, I’m going to release a series of self-published works. As they become available, I’ll share blurbs, excerpts, and links.

With all that in mind, starting this week, I’m rebuilding this website. Some of the tutorials and previous postings will remain, but much of the outdated info will hit the bit bucket.

I’m really looking forward to a bright future!

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