Broken Car and Howling at the Moon


The lawn care guy was backing his huge boxcab trailer and ripped up the back quarter panel of my Chevy Cavelier. Fortunately, he notified his insurance company and I’ve filed a claim.

Howl at the Moon!

Tonight is the monthly Howl at the Moon open mic night. It’s going to be held at a brand new Book Store in the area. If you find yourself near Port St. Lucie, Florida between 7pm and 9pm this evening, please stop by Poetic Justice Books and join the celebration.


David Weber, Linda Evans, and Joelle Presby wrote the Multiverse trilogy and I must admit to being jealous at the complexity of their world-building. The first novel, Hell’s Gate, was good, but ended with a cliff-hanger.

I’ve just finished the second book, Hell Hath No Fury, and it developed the tale to a fever pitch. I’m going to jump on the final book tonight. They have more than a few loose ends to tie up, but I’ve not doubt it will be a fun finale.

When I’m through, you can expect a detailed review that I hope will stimulate some discussion on world-building and character development.


As usual, I’ve got more than one work going at the same time. A serious look at the problems and possible solutions to building a permanent space colony will probably become a series of blog posts in the next month or so. Here’s a teaser from the graphics I’ve been working on to illustrate the concept.

Another space opera based on ancient history has been growing slowly. I expect at total rewrite of the opening since the current work just doesn’t sound right.


If you check the Miniatures tab on this website, you can see that besides writing, I also like to create cardstock models.

I just found out this week, that I’m going to be profiled in a future issue of a Model Railroad Resource publication.

Keep your eyes peeled. In the next few days, I’ll have some updated FREE cardstock model kits on the Miniatures page.

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