Review: Bleake’s Geek

Ever read a story and your mind’s eye envisions many scenes as if they were Hollywood major production shots? Your favorites actors pop up and you’re wondering who they are using for stunt doubles?

Yeah. That’s how I felt when I opened the first chapter of Bleake’s Geek by Lesli Richardson. I marveled at how the simple use of English gave me vivid flashes of a bar in a college town. Mix in a beautiful and yet deadly woman, a handful of drunk assholes, and a Doctor Heathcliff McKenzie Ethelbert, grading papers in the corner, for an opening scene that you just know is going to go wrong.

Dellis Tadewi Bleacke is a prime alpha werewolf who serves as her pack enforcer. She is on a mission to punish one of the drunks who has broken pack law when she is distracted by the professor. That opening scene goes both wrong and right in a marvelously erotic way.

The first thing that comes to my mind when describing any book by Lesli, is how she uses language to drag you into the story. It’s very easy to get lost in one of her books. Bleake’s Geek is no exception. Despite my intentions to take my time and savor the fireworks between Dewi and Ken, I ended up reading it start to finish, in a day and a half.

Like most good books, I was disappointed when it ended. I’m going to order the rest of the series and try my best to slow down and savor Ken and Dewi’s adventures one magical scene at a time.

You can find the whole series here:

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