Review: Ebony Gate

Ken Bebelle and Julia May Vee have created a blending of history, legend, and language that I’m sure will be recognized as a major work.

While the story itself is a rousing sword-and-sorcery adventure, I was greatly impressed with the flow of languages. As someone who speaks Spanish as well as English, I know it is difficult to blend two languages in such a way as to make the dialogue believable and yet understandable to those who aren’t multi-lingual.

I am looking forward to learning more about the broken sword, the tiger shifter, and the Sentinel of San Francisco.

All my Weeaboo and Otaku friends need this fine novel in their collection.

I was hesitant in responding to a request for BETA readers but am glad I did. Perhaps it was the well-done cover art. Ebony Gate is an impressive production that stands on it’s own, but is obviously intended as the first in a major series.

If you enjoy reading about a well-constructed urban fantasy world, filled with believable characters, then grab one of the free BETA copies of Ebony Gate while you can.


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