MeWe Newbie!

MeWe can look sparse when you first create an account and log on. The trick is to join a couple of groups and add some friends. Unlike FaceBook, it doesn’t push a bunch of unwanted stuff on you. They value your time and privacy so you can configure it as you wish. You can also create your own groups and page, but I would recommend searching for similar groups and getting a feel for the platform, first. There are several science fiction and author groups.

My MeWe profile is here:

Feel free to follow me.

And here are some recommended groups that I follow:

Karin A Kraft-Roland shares some lovely photos and articles. She also is admin of the Wanderlust group.

Just Wisdom is a group of people sharing art and travel. It is carefully moderated and the Owner is Grace Wisdom who enforces the rules.

Men and Women Fashion is a group devoted to looking good.

Abandoned World features photographs from urban explorers around the world.

Authors and Editors is for mutual support, kindness and expertise.

Writing is a group for most anything on the topic. Self-promotion is fine as long as you limit to one post per day.

Authors and Readers is a place to come together.

MeWe Help and Support is NOT affiliated with MeWe but is a group of experienced users that try to help newbies.

My Space Colony group is starting to grow.

I also follow a bunch of individuals, but that is more of a personal choice. If you check “Contacts” on my profile, you may find other individuals you wish to follow.

This is only a short list of a few of the groups that I follow. The MeWe search feature can reveal a great many more.

Hope to see you there.


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