Review: Beginner Mind

Beginner Mind is a collection of six short stories and some free-form poetry by a new author. It opens with a tale that leaves the reader with vivid imagery of a string of post-pubescent mistakes and just gets better. The following story is called “Pistol Grip” and it blurs the line between murder and mistake. … More Review: Beginner Mind

REVIEW: The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones

~OR~ Genesis of an Iron Angel Book One of the Iron Angel Series by Robert C. Roman PROS: A tightly written steampunk tale Well-defined lead characters CONS: An occasional bit of head-hopping I would prefer a bit more world-building Review I’m reading an action-packed television thriller! That thought occurred to me about half way into … More REVIEW: The Strange Fate of Capricious Jones

The Nuclear Method

The Nuclear Method might sound like an odd title for a how-to book, but once read, you will appreciate it. The Nuclear Method by Emma Wayne Porter is only ninety nine cents at Smashwords, but if you are preparing a document to sell as an eBook, it will save a ton of time. It’s written … More The Nuclear Method

Pandora Driver Review

Raw dieselpunk noire excitement and flavor! That is what comes to mind when I think of what I’ve just read. Pandora Driver is a wonderful view of a vanished age that might have been. Without spoilers, let me say John Picha delivers a tale of Betsy, a young woman tested at every turn and apparently … More Pandora Driver Review

Old Cookbooks!

I recently found a set of old cookbooks that are long out of print and out of copyright. I thought my fans might find them amusing. Click this for the download page. I would love to hear from anyone who actually tries some of the recipes and will let us know what they think.

Another Four-Star Review!

Shifter Born, the first in the Shifter Series from Red Rose Publications, just got another great review from Tony-Paul. Shifter Born is actually two novellas, published in one volume, and an enjoyable one it is, too. Thanks, Tony! note: This review contains a bunch of spoilers!