First Images from InterventionCon

This past weekend was great! I spent most of both Friday and Saturday at the very first Intervention graphic art and comic convention in Rockville, Maryland. If you’re not from the area, it’s a suburb of Washington, DC. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing short video interviews with some really creative and talented … More First Images from InterventionCon

BaltiCon Tomorrow

BaltiCon 44 starts tomorrow and I’m gathering my goodies. Here’s my schedule, so far. From 11pm to midnight on Friday, I’ll be giving a reading and answering questions. Saturday between 1pm and 2pm, I’ll be moderating an Ice Age panel discussion. Saturday between 5pm and 6pm, I’ll be moderating a panel discussion on What’s Love … More BaltiCon Tomorrow

Book Signing

Four of our brave authors gathered at The Parkside in Baltimore, on Saturday for a book signing and a wonderful gathering it was! Between bouts of riotous laughter, excellent beer and chilling tales from Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America, BaltiCon, Philcon, DragonCon and others, I managed to grab a few pictures. In this picture, … More Book Signing


As usual, the gathering of the Fen for Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore was more fun than a stoned ferret. I was there on Friday and Saturday and sat in on a couple of panels as well as a signing and a reading. My thanks to those brave souls that put up with the first … More BaltiCon


My annual pilgrimage to BaltiCon is this coming weekend. If anyone wants to touch bases, here is my schedule: Friday at 6pm, I’ll be giving a class on Open Source Software for writers and authors. There will be handouts and usually a surprise or two. Saturday afternoon at 5pm, I’ll be having a book signing … More BaltiCon!

Back from BaltiCon!

Wow! That was FUN! If you’ve never been to a Science Fiction and Fantasy convention before, I highly recommend it. There were dozens of lively panel discussions, several workshops and plenty of fun for everyone. As usual, there were costumes aplenty and I managed to get a few pictures to share. Since there were a … More Back from BaltiCon!