Book Signing

Four of our brave authors gathered at The Parkside in Baltimore, on Saturday for a book signing and a wonderful gathering it was! Between bouts of riotous laughter, excellent beer and chilling tales from Romantic Times, Romance Writers of America, BaltiCon, Philcon, DragonCon and others, I managed to grab a few pictures. In this picture, … More Book Signing


As usual, the gathering of the Fen for Memorial Day weekend in Baltimore was more fun than a stoned ferret. I was there on Friday and Saturday and sat in on a couple of panels as well as a signing and a reading. My thanks to those brave souls that put up with the first … More BaltiCon

A Music Review

Normally, I don’t comment on music since I don’t know that much about it. Your friendly neighborhood geek was at a lovely party last night and was given a CD of homemade tunes. These are my impressions at first listening. Although hesitant, I must admit, I’m predjudiced in favor of any album that starts with … More A Music Review

Too Long!

My apologies for taking so long between posts. The entire month of October was an incredible time-sink what with never-ending edits and the loss of my best friend’s mother. The real Claudine passed away two weeks ago and I had to make a flying trip to Florida for the funeral. While down in the Sunshine … More Too Long!